18 fails that will make you face-palm so hard!

Some people are cursed either with stupidity, or just simple bad luck. Or sometimes both. There is no logical explanation for most of their actions, so just watch them failing hard and try to avoid the mistakes they made!

This girl learned that giant Jenga isn’t the best idea is the world

This person forgot that you need to mount your TV on a stud

He just wanted a few more outlets. Who cares about how plugs work?

Good job on reporting that “suspicious character”!

IKEA is hard!

Well, at least you tried, bakery employee!

End the sufferage!

“Don’t worry, three will fit here just fine!”

They either failed hard, or won REALLY hard!

Good job building those stairs!

And this is why you don’t try to parkour in public!

Always secure your load!

Turtles and tortoises are not the same thing!

Who is that poor soul who thought, this was a real apple?

Good job assembling that slide! Now try to get out of it alive!

“Enough with your stupid touristy pictures!”

And this is how you fail for life!

Stop selling marjorama to kids!!!