Beautiful pictures of boobies that will definitely make you smile

Blue-footed boobies are birds, native to South America. They must be really loved on the internet, because many people are searching for pictures of boobies. Well, look no more! Here’s a whole bunch of them!

Two gorgeous boobies!

One booby is much smaller, than other

Those boobies are facing each other

This booby is a little crooked

And these boobies are facing different directions


Two perfectly symmetrical boobies

Booby with a baby on it

Damn, that is some long booby! Almost National Geographic!

This booby is also a little crooked

This booby is showing of for camera

This booby is VERY crooked!

Two sad boobies…

This booby is just weird

Two different color boobies

This is just some silly photoshopping