Engagement rings that will definitely makes your nerd girlfriend say “Yes!”

What nerdy guy doesn’t dream of having a cute nerd girlfriend? And for those lucky ones, who actually do, eventually the day will come to pop the big question. To make sure your nerd girlfriend says “yes”, just give her one of these!

Dr. Who ring

The box even makes a sound, when it’s opened!

This Legend of Zelda-inspired ring

“Will you be my companion cube?”

Hope that the wedding cake will not be a lie…

Love is an open Gryffin-door!

A perfect ring for any Pokemon fan

This DNA ring is perfect for scientists in love!

Yoshi-inspired box

This might look like an ordinary ring at first. But look closer!

It might not always be possible to understand what R2-D2 wants to say, but there will be no confusion with this ring!

Up up, down down, left right, left right! Let’s start our lives together!

Marriage: the final frontier

For your beloved Wonder Woman!