Everything in Australia is trying to kill you! And here’s proof of that!

Australia might seem like a heaven on Earth: it’s always warm, it has awesome beaches, amazing people and high standards of living. It’s an amazing place to live and go for vacation! Right? Well… maybe. But just know, that pretty much every living being in there WILL try to kill you! And here’s what we’re talking about:

Snakes are lose in shops:

They are also in your toilet:

Some of them are so big, they hunt and eat wallabies, which weight up to 53 pounds (24 kilos)!

They also eat flying foxes:

Here’s a flying fox, BTW:

Here’s one eating an iguana, which can grow up to 6 feet (2 meters):

Snakes are EVERYWHERE!

Oh, there’s also sharks. Like this one, in a golf course:

Or this Great White one, surfing:

Crocodiles also like to surf:

Just like snakes, they are EVEYWHERE:

Sometimes even in snake’s stomach…

Oh, there’s also spiders. All kinds of venomous spiders. A LOT of them!

A bucket of Sydney funnel-web spider, which are some of the most venomous spiders in the world.

It’s pretty much the same situation with flies…

…or milipedes…

And this is Australian version of an earthworm:

Mole crickets.. whatever those are…

Giant centipedes, which are really poinsonous:

They kill snakes!!!

Giant jellyfish:

This little jellyfish is the most venomous animal in Australia, with venom, 100x more potent than cobra’s:

The blue-ring octopus is the only octopus, that is lethal to humans. There’s also no anti-venom for his poison…

And they also have world’s most venomous fish…