Nerdy dad creates an awesome Mario Kart themed nursery for his baby

This guy is definitely in the running for best and geekiest dad. Check out this awesome Mario Kart themed nursery he made for his son!

He spent almost a year documenting the process, but, fortunately for us, documented the whole process.

First, the walls were painted blue

Mario-style clouds were added

The basic outline of the characters were sketched onto the wall in preparation of being painted

The outline of castles were also draw

And then, the real painting began

Bowser, Peach, and Luigi were all drawn onto the nursery walls

The body of Mario’s kart was carved out of Styrofoam

Working lights were added

The kart was carefully modeled after the one from the game

Hey! It’s-a Mario!

Mario and his kart were mounted to the ceiling

Here’s also a video: