Photos proving that Russia is the craziest place you can possibly visit

Russia, right? Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that there’s some special charm about that place.

“Party on! Later we go club!”

That’s the best interior decoration we’ve ever seen!

“Oh, it’s WAY too hot to be inside, I’ll just hang out here on this AC unit”

“Why does everyone pee on the the counter all the time?”

The only proper way to enjoy vodka!

The worst part is, he just bought it…

In desperate situation you have to improvise…

Seems totally reasonable…

“Paint me like one of your French girls!”

“Take a look at our vintage toilet, world!”

Festivals are way more awesome in Russia!

This is how you keep your beer cold!

WTF is happening here?

Russian ingenuity

“We like 2 things – guns and cuddling!”

“Come at me, bro!”

“Can’t decide, whether I should get a car, or a motorcycle…”

Just chillin’…

Well, what else did they expect?


What do you think? Too much or just perfect?

“Stop stealing our water!”

“You said dinner was ready!”



“Out favorite thing to do together is squatting”

Russian lifehack #2: if you can’t find a knife, use a chainsaw!

“AK and vacuum cleaner, motherf*cker!”