Robbers, who received an instant dose of justice

Criminals always receive their punishment. Sometimes it takes years, but not for these idiots! They received justice literally seconds after committing (or trying to commit) crimes. Watch them and remember, that crime never pays of!

Nice try!

We got a hostage situation here! Wait… who’s the hostage?

Maybe he should ask cashier to hold his gun?

Maybe he forgot to say thank you?

Nice shooting there!

Wrong choice of victim there, buddy!

Nooo!!! Not the door! My mortal enemy!

Does this even count as robbery?


Oh stop it, we know it’s you, Frank!

Stopped by the rope! And again! And again!

WWE fighter here!

Bad criminal! Bad!

Whatever happened in there, the guy on a bike is not waiting to find out!

When gangsters follow fashion trends…

Oh no! Another door!