What is that thing??? Pictures of bald animals that will totally blow your mind

When we think about cute animals, we usually imagine something furry, cuddly and tiny. But sometimes nature decides to play a joke on some poor fellows and they are born without hair. However, despite that, they manage to live a nice, yet hairless, life, thanks to the good people who take care of them. We admit, it’s a bit weird to see bold animals, who are usually covered in hair, but nevertheless, we still think they are adorable! Check out this gallery of 17 weird, but cute hairless cuties:

…like this awesome rabbit, who looks like some wise Kung-fu master from Bruce Lee movie:

…or this baby kangaroo

A hamster

Yep, that’s a hedgehog!

A pet ferret

That’s a bear. Ok, this one is pretty terrifying!

A dog. There are a few breeds of hairless dogs. One advantage of owning is that your home isn’t covered with dog hair, like it would be with regular dogs.

A parrot

…and a chicken

…and a penguin

Bald chimpanzee is really weird looking

…but baby wombat is the cutest thing ever!

A rat

Guinea pig looks like a tiny hippo! I think this one is our favorite!

Monkey looks like some kind of alien creature


A squirrel, which looks more like a rat