You’ve been eating these foods wrong your whole life!

When it comes to eating delicious, popular goodies, you might think it’s not rocket science. But these food hacks totally blew our mind! Especially #12! Try it, you will not regret it!

#1: Chinese food containers transform into plates

#2: Make perfect BLT sandwiches!

#3: The proper way to split an ice-cream. No more double-dipping!

#4: A proper way to eat a cupcake

#5: “Boil” your eggs in an oven

#6: How to make a perfect sandwich

#7: Cut your hot dogs into spiral for more even cook

#8: Add bacon to your pancakes

#9: Dip your Oreos in milk and then freeze them. Insanely awesome!

#10: Cut your potatoes half-way and then bake them in the oven

#11: Use lettuce as a guard for your taco

#12:… or use Doritos for mess-free version of tacos

#13: A new and much more awesome way to make PB&J sandwiches

#14: Use waffle iron to make hash browns

#15: Use mason jars to make salad to go. Just pour the sauce first and then add all the veggies!

#16: Add bacon to your cinnamon rolls. Sounds weird, but it’s totally amazing!